A Worthy Trip

An elementary school in the Southern part of Cebu was chosen to be the first recipient for this year's community outreach program.

Calidngan Elementary School is a public educational institution located an hour and thirty minutes away from Cebu City, approximately 75 kms from Cebu IT Park.

Since the school's establishment in the 1920's, the school didn't get much of the chance to receive such attention from any private organization.

August 11, 2012 was the most awaited day for the school's students and faculty members. Likewise, employees couldn't wait to see what a remote countryside life is.

Days before the activity, the weather was a bit showery, we kept our fingers crossed with the hope that the heavens will be on our side during the entire activity on the 11th of August. And indeed it was.

Some meters away upon our arrival from the school, we can vividly see all students gather in their school grounds while chanting to us their welcome song. The heartfelt welcome was truly manifested through everyone's faces and gestures. What a way to start off the activity --- truly inspiring.

The morning activity was dedicated on employee-student interaction which is aimed to create new avenues of friendship and educate young minds. It is may then be safe to say that the ultimate goal in the morning perfectly pulled through.

When everything was in place in the morning, individual packed lunch were served to each and every student. An hour of rest and relaxation followed afterwards before starting the activity culmination in a bright and sunny afternoon.

The simultaneous exhibition games of volleyball, basketball and chess between the schools varsity players and employees. This signaled the start of afternoon affair.

An hour after, the entire crowd witnessed the various talents of the young students of Calidgnan Elementary School. They have exuded promising talents be it through entertainment or physical activities (sports). Much to our amazement, Calidngan students have their own stars waiting to shine.

Before we head back to the city, Dash was able to donate to the school additional lavatories and cement for the re-construction of their school ground. Students were able to receive school supplies and other snacks.

The school has expressed their overwhelming gratitude to all participants through their hospitality and sincere acts of generosity and kindness.

In return, we have successfully concluded another activity and have shown them, we can cross distance, build friendship and most of all--- touched the hearts of many.

Our Imagination… Made Real

In every year, our first community outreach program highlights our desire to help elementary schools in Cebu. For this year, 2011 the first stop is Bacayan Elementary School in Talamban, Cebu City.

All geared up for July 23, 2011 employees as well as expatriates made their presence felt for a whole day activity all in the name of service for the students of Bacayan. All came wearing the universal color for love… PINK.

This year's focus "Our Imagination…Made Real".

Various school projects were lined up, starting from the Kindergarten Classroom Beautification Project, Additional Water Tank Installation, Repainting of Classroom Walls, Additional Railings and Film Showing for all students.

Other than the school projects, the employees and expatriates made themselves available for different activities which helped students show their abilities and potentials such as the Group Exercise and Basketball Exhibition Game.

And of course, at end of the day the students didn't go home without having their free snacks and school supplies.

We will forever be marveled with the result of the school projects we have prepared for Bacayan Elementary School. We have turned their classrooms to a more conducive place for learning and added infrastructure for the safety and convenience of the entire school population.

What we have all imagined were translated into reality. This goes to show that nothing is impossible if someone has faith and just believed.


Before year 2011 ends, our attention was all on for the Special Education (SPED) kids of San Nicolas Elementary School.

We were certainly up for the challenge on December 03, 2011. For five (5) consecutive years doing several outreach programs, this was our very first experience… to be with Special Kids.

Admittedly, we were not experts in handling these children but we gave it a shot and believed we nailed it.

To bring the kids to a better atmosphere, the venue was filled with colorful balloons, extremely enjoying inflatable, instant photo memorabilia (picture booth) and sumptuous snacks in food carts.

As the morning activity progressed, the kids together with their parents and guardians were fascinated by the 30-minute magical tricks show and subsequently participated for the several fun and exciting games. Lots of prizes and surprises were in store for them.

What was the surprise? A special guest "Jollibee" wowed the kids; everyone was up on their feet, with hands clasped, all smiles and all the hugs.

What was truly heart melting was the production number prepared and performed by these special kids to all of us, they did their own rendition of "Thank You" and what made the difference was how it left a mark on us. We were in awe.

Before the event ended, Dash has provided educational equipment and supplies for these kids which could aid them in their learning.

These kids were as normal as the other kids, they laugh, they cry and they smile. But one thing these special kids have that others may not have --- is a big, big HEART… full of joy, love and life.

The half-day activity we have spent with them was worth it. It was our first experience, but definitely will not be the last.

Every child is special. That is why every moment, every day, spent with them will be extraordinarily SPECIAL.

DASH joins Rogationists Christmas Sharing Program

For every child, any gift - even though big or small, cheap or expensive, new or old will always be something to cherish. Not realizing the extent of the Jeans Friday program, some employees are unaware that from their simple act of contributing small amounts, they have brought happiness to many children living in poor areas.

Last December 12, 2010, DASH Engineering Phils. Inc. (DASH) supported the Christmas Sharing Program of Rogationist Seminary (RCJ) by distributing gifts to about a thousand children from some pressed areas of Pardo, Labangon, Tisa, Punta Princesa, and nearby sitios and barangays.

DASH delivered goods and school supplies to the seminary and on the day of the event four (4) DASH employees generously shared their time in helping the seminarians distribute the items to the children who were gathered around the seminary in Don Bosco Village, Punta Princesa, Cebu City. The event started with a short program and was followed with the distribution of goods.

The Christmas Sharing Program is an annual activity of the Rogationists to give poor children food, clothing, toys, and other gifts. Fr. Christopher Salonga, Superior of the Rogationist Seminary College Cebu, in behalf of the seminarians expressed their gratitude for the blessings DASH shared to the children.

A Day with Kindred Souls

Leaving a loving mark into the hearts of vulnerable children, DASH Engineering Phils., Inc. (DASH) in collaboration with Kythe Foundation reached out to kids with cancer during its Year-End Outreach Program last November 20, 2010 at Cebu Parklane International Hotel.

The Victoria Hall of Cebu Parklane International Hotel was filled with giggles and laughter from the children and the accompanying DASH employees and Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., LTD (MES) members who joined the event.

The children were entertained with various fun activities such as games, amazing performances from the mascot and the magician, a lively song and some dance numbers from selected DASH employees. Aside from that, the children also received bags and partook the prepared mouth-watering buffet.

The event catered 20 to 25 kids, ages ranging from 2 to 14 years old. These children are presently under the patient care of Perpetual Succour Hospital and Kythe Foundation's "A Child Life Program".

The event may have been brief but the memories it leaves in the hearts of the young children and their family members who came will be remembered. As a father of one of the recipient kids would quote, "When others live normal lives, we live a life of constant fear… always fearful of medical bills and unforeseen events. Our only consolation is when people show their concern, then we know that after all, our children are well-loved and that made them fortunate to have lives worth fighting for. We are always fighting an uphill battle...but when people like DASH showed that they are part of our struggles, we are relieved to know that we are not alone."

Truly children suffering from cancer and other chronic illnesses live a different kind of life from normal kids, but having the chance to talk, play and embrace one of them made us realize how one should live life here on earth. That is to face each day not with fear but with hope and devoting ourselves to the only enduring thing called LOVE.

Painting the Hills Red

Fulfilling its commitment of making positive contributions to the community, year 2010's DASH outreach activity trekked to the magnificent hills of Metro Cebu to bring delight and gracious smiles to the pupils of Busay Elementary School last July 3, 2010.

All geared up and excited, DASH employees and Japanese counterparts painted fences and chairs, planted ornamental plants and gave away school supplies and goodies to the children of Busay. Adding up to the high spirits of the outreach activity was the presence of the kids and spouses of some DASH employees who tagged along and joined in this fun and wholesome event.

This very rewarding and helpful event is the product of both the company and its employees' generous participation in Dash's altruistic "A day for a good cause", held every Friday where employees get to not wear uniforms by giving small amount of contributions. This simple act goes to show that it's not the amount but the generous giving and loving-heart that always go the long way.

DASH visits CCMC Pedia Ward again

For the second time Dash Engineering Philippines Incorporated (DASH) employees spent time with the children of Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) last December 11, 2009.

DASH gave gift bags containing a variety of goods aside from the diapers and milk that were given separately to the patients. The company also donated medicines to the Pediatric Ward.

Mangrove Planting and Coastal Clean-up

Can you imagine a city under water? If sea levels would constantly rise due to global climate change, experts confirm such possibility. In overcoming these challenges we must recognize that it cannot be done overnight, but requires consistent and relentless efforts.

True to its commitment, Dash Engineering Philippines Incorporated team members and some Japanese counterparts contributed to this long-term goal by planting mangrove propagules and cleaning along the coasts of Catarman, Cordova, Cebu last May 24, 2008. Under the banner "Promoting Environmental Awareness and Camaraderie", the company again exhibited its unique brand of community involvement by simultaneously having fun and working for a global cause.