Mayana Elementary School Outreach Activity

On its fifth year of making public classrooms into conducive environment for learning, DEPI selected Mayana Elementary School as its recipient of the Beautification Project for August 2013.

Located in the remote part of Naga, a town in Southern Cebu, volunteer employees did not mind the hilly trek of going up the school grounds.

During the activity, old classroom walls were repainted. Aside from the beautifying the school premises, the kids were also given school supplies and snacks. The activity was concluded with a program that showcased talents of both employees and school children.

Dash Aids in Relief Operations to Typhoon Yolanda Victims

Countless lives were taken and thousands were left homeless when Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines mid-November 2013. Internationally called Typhoon Haiyan, it is one of the strongest storms to be ever recorded in history. Communities affected were heavily devastated which included towns in Northern Cebu.

On November 23, 2013, two relief operations teams composed of volunteer employees were sent to Bantayan Island and San Remegio. Basic necessities such as water, rice, canned goods, clothing, and tents were distributed to the victims.

The goods provided as well as the presence of helping hands in the wake of calamity indeed can help distraught families recover from the trauma as they slowly pickup and rebuild their lives.

Before the activity was wrapped up, all kids were given gift packs as giveaways. Indeed, Christmas is for kids. For them, Christmas is magic and they deserved to see that magic even just for a day.