President's Message

First of all, I want to thank all employees for your hard work for this year, 2016. This year has been challenging for us but we remained to be steadfast with our yearning to provide a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Let me then take you to our remarkable achievements per division;

(1) Our continuous high workload with an average of more than 75% for Plant Engineering. Engineering works for NAG-OF and Aurora projects has been completed, while SASOL project is still on-going and is in its peak term;

(2) Our employees are dispatched to construction sites as Field Engineering Supervisors; 54 Engineers are in Singapore, 23 Engineers in the United States and 1 Engineer in Vietnam. In our MES office in Japan, we have 22 engineers doing engineering works and 10 engineers in Denmark. In totality, we have 110 engineers dispatched across the globe.

(3) In our Shipbuilding Division, our average workload was around 85%. We have started Functional Design for 66BC which is in fact a new business scope, and thus, a big challenge for us.

(4) For the first time, we have dispatched 2 engineers as Temporarily Transferred Employees (TTE) in Shikoku Shipbuilding yard. We have a project for Namura Shipbuilding company, which is currently confined in a project room as part of project requirement. We have received, new engineering works for Cape size bulker 180k ton and VLCC request from MES Chiba. Compared to last year, this is an increase in our work volume.

(5) For Power Generation engineering task teams, we will continue detail engineering work for Biomass Power Plants. We have achieved in expanding Basic Engineering Scope which started from Cramlington projects in the United Kingdom and subsequently keeping the workload target at around 80%.

(6) Offshore Engineering Department has completed estimation work for ANDE-ANDE projects and will continue doing 3D Modeling works as advanced works.

(7) Advanced Machinery Engineering Division still kept the high workload of more than 90%. They do detail engineering work for dual fuel type new engine, Type No. 7G50ME-C9.5-GI_Ethane which is an expanded work area for us.

(8) For Crane Design Group, MES Oita commenced to dispatch experienced engineer to our company and their goal is to closely communicate and enhance the knowledge of our engineers.

With this current situation, our financial result is expected to be positive and I sincerely appreciate all your efforts and diligence in performing your jobs.

This year we have embarked another milestone as a company, last July 18 we recently transferred to our new office in PPC 24, The North Park, Mandaue City. The efforts of our support groups, IT, EDS, Accounting and other relational members are highly commendable.

As your president, I have accepted to achieve our important objective of expanding our works and embracing new challenges together with all of you.

As we move forward in looking for a fruitful year ahead of us by 2017, our parent company, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., (MES) will be disclosing the business strategy plan and Mid-term Management Plan by the first quarter of 2017.

In DASH, my target is to create a business plan for 3 years from 2017- 2019. With this being said, each department target will be informed immediately after the strategy plan finalization.

I would like to share insights to all of you, product quality is very vital in every organization. If our quality does not meet our client's satisfaction, they will never do businesses with us in the future. Therefore, it is best that we shall live up to our clients' requirement and satisfaction guaranteed will be realized. On the contrary, even if our product quality is satisfactory but delays in submission are prevalent, client trust will be at stake and would eventually ripple to a negative perception to our organization.

With a handful of targets for the next year, it is but critical to expand our existing businesses and willingly accept new ventures to continuously improve our knowledge. Most importantly, you must not worry about the mistakes that you encountered; you must not give up in dealing with difficult problems. Always remember, together we will do all these things, as one team, one company.

So many things and events have happened; these will forever shape our character and will define us of what we are capable of becoming in the coming years.

Finally, for all that we've been through and for all the things that we are about to face, always take pride in yourself, I am and will always be proud of all of you.

-Mr. Hiroyuki Nagao