Trainings & Seminar

Skills development and progressive learning is vital in DASH in order to attain its goal to excellence.

Indulging in trainings, workshops and seminars are beneficial to the growth of the company and a great help to individual development as well.

First Aid Training

First aiders of the Emergency Response Team of DASH Engineering Philippines, Inc. (DASH) attended the first aid Training every 2nd Quarter of the year.

Certified trainers from the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF) facilitated the two-day activity.

Japanese Language Class

Dash Engineering Philippines Inc. (DASH)offers Japanese Language Learning Program to employees who are enthusiastic to learn the foreign language. With a competent language instructor the program accommodates an average of 30 employees within a year. Classes are held four hours a week, carefully arranged so as not to be in any conflict with the work schedule.

The program intends to provide proficiency of the language, better relationships with the Japanese counterparts and clients, a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and a sense of personal fulfillment, all to the individual's maximum benefit.


Elegant black ink ripples and flows smoothly as the brush is lifted, then its tip gracefully glides on the mulberry paper or washi, following curvilinear strokes to form “kanji” characters symbolizing an iceberg, a citrus fruit, a pigeon, well-being and good life. The ancient art of Japanese Calligraphy displayed DASH team members’ artistic soul as a part of the Japanese New Year celebration held every year in Dash office.