Advanced Machinery

As a support to Mitsui E & S Machinery, the division's boosting designs create products that sustain cargo-handling equipment in ports for the Crane Design; petrochemical plants, refinery plants and other applications for Rotating Machinery; and main ship engines for Diesel Engine.

Crane Design Group

The Crane Design Group designs the general assembly of cranes. The group's output shows the assembly of the auxiliary parts linked to the main structure of the crane. This will undergo interference checking that will be used to finalize the detailed drawings for fabrication.

Using ICAD/SX Mechanical PRO exclusively in crane design, the group inputs 2D or dxf drawings and parts list (materials list) and in turn generates 3D application in designing the main and auxiliary structures of Portainer, a crane for loading and unloading containers between the container carrier and the container yard, and Transtainer, a crane to transfer containers in the container yard and to load and unload containers on and out of container truck.

Diesel Engine Group

The Diesel Engine Group takes pride in designing Two Stroke Low Speed Marine Diesel Engine. With the parts list and the 2D-CADAM drawings, the group generates the 3D Model using Unigraphics NX5.O software.

Diesel Engine 3D Model is used in preparation for:

  • Robot Welding
  • Painting Section
  • REngine Mass Calculation
  • Simulation Test
  • 3D Engine Outline for Shipbuilder
  • Engine Volume
  • Engine Room Design
  • 3D Data to CAE Analysis
  • Deployment of 3D Data to Manufacturing, Assembly and Purchasing
  • 3D Data to Code Book and Instruction Manual

Two Stroke Low Speed Marine Diesel Engine has been known for its recognition in MES Japan to have the highest thermal efficiency of all engines and clean natural gas, simultaneously realizing high thermal efficiency and low pollution.