The President on Corporate Social Responsibility

The firm conviction that Corporate Social Responsibility must be ingrained in one's life is the foundation of a solid commitment to holistic sustainability. DASH Engineering Philippines Inc. does business with this conviction.

In all our corporate decisions, we essentially honor the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.

Our People

Our team members are the very core of CSR. To augment these principles, we invest much on our Occupational Safety and Health Committee (OSHC) through our medical and sports programs making everyone healthy, capable, and well-equipped.

We also recognize the cooperation, inquisitiveness, kindness and passion of the Filipino people as a potent force for change and progress.

Our Planet

The Company always does its share to address concerns that affect us globally. Together with our clients, we always try cost-efficient means to minimize CO2 emissions as an answer to the ill effects of global warming.

Our Profit

We believe that a personal accountability to all stakeholders must be considered in every activity. We take all responsibility for the effects our business has with the community. With that, the inclusion of public interest is always considered in our corporate decision-making.

Outreach Activities

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Sweeter the second time around

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