Shipbuilding Engineering

Shipbuilding Department was organized by DASH Engineering Philippines Incorporated (DASH) together with Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES) to work with the engineering and designs of merchant bulk carrier ships, training ships, explorer and drilling ships, container carriers, fishing vessels, buoy tender vessels and other small and large non-conventional ships.

Job Scope:

Shipbuilding Department job scope is per section-based. The department currently holds six sections. Each section contributes specific outputs or services for the design of the above-mentioned ships. The following are the different sections with their corresponding outputs:

Hull Production Group
  • Reduced scale lofting of ship hull plates and shell expansions
  • Nesting of plates of hull construction drawings
  • Making of manual list of ship structures and small plates
  • Checking of detailed figures for yard hull construction work
  • Hull Model Hole Job
  • 3D Model of ship hull structure

Hull Planning Group
  • Creation & Modifications of Yard & Production Plans
  • Hull Instruction Drawing for Genba
  • Analysis of Hull Stresses & Finite Element Modeling
  • Primeship Hull Rule Calculation
  • Buzai Input of Members List

Hull Outfitting Group
  • Hull Piping Diagram Lay-out & Modification for Interior & Exterior Piping
  • Hull 3D Piping and Support arrangement design for Interior & Exterior Piping
  • Hull 3D Modeling and arrangement design for Interior & Exterior Fitting
  • Surface area calculation of all ship hull plates for painting
  • Making & modification of Fire Control & Life Saving Plans for Hull part

Machinery Outfitting Group
  • Steel Works arrangement and modification
  • Making & modification of Fire Control & Life Saving Plans for Machinery part
  • Sea trial results Input

Electrical Outfitting Group
  • Making & modification of ship electrical one-line diagrams
  • Lay-out & arrangement of ship electrical equipments
  • Deck Wirings
  • Making & filing of ship electrical cable lists
  • 3D modeling & lay-out of electrical cableways
  • Prepares & creates connections of electrical system diagram through panels & equipment

Project Services Group
  • Project Coordination (Customer Survey, check Progress Report, Project Tracking Table making, Monitor Hole Management List for Interfacing Project)
  • Model Review Coordination, group or multi group Interface
  • Data (incoming/outgoing) control & storage
  • Documents control & storage